We work closely with you, to make the home loan process easy, clear and efficient for you.


We consult with you to discover your individual needs, circumstances and timing for your purchase or refinance. We listen and learn your key objectives for satisfying your needs and what you need in a loan. After the consultation, we develop a plan and move forward with the loan application.

You can expect to complete a loan application form and for your convenience, there are several ways to complete your loan application: in person, by phone or fax.
Upon receiving your complete application, we get your authorization to run your credit report. This is where we access your credit rating and debt-to-income ratio numbers.
Upon completion of this step, we review the loan options available to you. We seek the best loans that fit your specific needs and requirements – and we always operate in your best interest.

Once the application is finished, your c

redit report is processed and supporting documentation is compiled. The application is then reviewed by a loan processor to verify all information is correct and complete. This is when you start the home search for you and your family. Upon acceptance of an offer, you can have the home appraisal ordered to determine current market value.

At the point your offer is accepted, the loan application is processed, your documents are gathered into a loan package and sent to underwriting for full evaluation. This is where monthly payments are determined and final loan figures are completed.

Additional information and documentation is sometimes required prior to final loan approval.

In the case that additional documents are needed for final loan approval, the underwriter will be notified of deadlines and conditions that need to be met prior to closing and funding. Now that your loan has successfully gone through underwriting, your escrow documents will be ordered.

At the closing, you receive a settlement statement and meet with the title company to close on the loan.
Your settlement statement shows all final costs on the loan and you go through each document with the closing agent to be sure you understand and sign every document in the packet. Documents include: Mortgage or Deed of Trust, Truth in-Lending Disclosure and a full array of closing documents.
A certified check or cashiers check is required for the down payment and closing costs.

When closing documents are complete, we receive all signed documents to verify accuracy conditions are all met. Your loan is then funded and disbursed. The final transaction is recorded at the office of the County Recorder.

CONGRATULATIONS… You are now a home owner!